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For whom?

The consultation is for people experiencing mental pain or those who wish to understand themselves better and want psychotherapy or psychological support. 
For example:

Individual or relational psychological problems:

  • Anxiety, depression, sadness, exhaustion, loss of meaning
  • Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem
  • Difficulties in managing emotions, relationship problems
  • Bereavement, separation
  • Coping with retirement, adapting to a new living environment, growing old

Professional issues:

A desire for change or change that you must endure, burnout, mobbing, job loss


Educational difficulties, parental guidance, sibling relationships, a suffering child (academic failure, behavioural, emotional, or relational difficulties) 

All requests are legitimate! Do not hesitate to contact me directly: together we can discuss them. 

Erase the greys in your life and lighten up the colours that are inside you.

Pablo Picasso