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Fees and reimbursement

An individual session lasts around 50 minutes.

Please bring your insurance card with you to the first appointment when you are covered by your basic health insurance, as well as your doctor's prescription.

Payment is in cash or TWINT at the end of the session in case of private cover.

If you can’t come, please warn me at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the fee is owed.

There are several possibilities for the reimbursement :

- Basic insurance
- Private insurance
- Invalidity insurance


You also have the option of paying for the sessions yourself.

As of 1 July 2022, the "prescription model" will come into force - according to the decision of the Federal Council - which means that psychotherapy sessions may be covered by Swiss basic insurance. For more information

Please bring your insurance card to the first appointment when you are covered by your basic health insurance and your doctor's prescription.

Until 1 July 2022, sessions were reimbursed if you had private insurance. It can still be the case under certain conditions.
The terms and conditions vary greatly from one insurance company to another and according to your contract. Please contact your insurance company for information on your specific situation. You will find indicative information under the following link "What the health insurance companies pay"